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LougaMusic was founded in 2007 and is based in Nashville, TN.  Music city is the perfect place for LougaMusic.  Sure, Nashville is known as the home of country music, but Rock has found a new home there and Nashville's neo-soul and hip-hop scene will soon find their way to prominence.  The variety of genres represented in the city is surprising to most folks who engage in all that city has to offer.  The depth and breadth of talent there is utterly mind-blowing.  LougaMusic plans to be a part of that r/evolution. 


Mouchee Deeki, LougaMusic's flagship artist (and president), has made a name on the Nashville underground hip-hop and spoken word scene over the years and calls the place his second home.  LougaMusic will always be based in Nashville because.... it just makes sense.  Although Mouchee originally hails from South Louisiana, which has its own colorful music history, Mouchee fell in love with Nashville because of the level of talent there and the music industry resources available.  It's a prime city for building and growing a music empire.

Stick with us.  We will be building and growing our website, our roster, and our catalog.  We promise to bring you music and entertainment that is fresh, exciting, and trend-setting.  That's what we're built for.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit us up on social media or through the contact links throughout our webiste.