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The Compound Effect!!! Available Now!! Download Below !! Free Streaming Via Mobile Device!! Also available on iTunes, Tidal, CDBaby, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold.  CD format is available via CDBaby.com.




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March 09

The Compound Effect

The Compound Effect is out now!!! DOWNLOAD HERE via CDBaby!! Powerful lyrics over hard-hitting beats.  Hip-Hop on another level!! Also available on iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, and wherever digital music is sold.  Also available in CD format via CDBaby.com


I stay dressed in my business casuals. Don't wanna be a casualty when I have to go... by these assholes when the cock crows in the AM.  Know if I get pulled over I'mma be face'n... blame for every unsolved case and... have my picture on the TV station with the whole city slanderin' my reputation.

DWB - Mouchee Deeki ft Aphropik


Hip-Hop on Dope